Urban Mining Company builds rustic-style projects with primarily reclaimed redwood lumber acquired from old fences and outdoor structures. We build quality pieces but with purposely imperfect craftsmanship. Rustic-styled pieces generally appear to have been made by a farmer or rancher with utility over cosmetics as the main goal, therefore, you will not find perfect edges or mitered-frame trim in their work.

Reclaimed wood has been stressed and destructed naturally through its exposure to the sun and rain giving it a patina and character unmatched by new wood. With reclaimed wood, there will be knots, gouges and holes (where knots have fallen out), exposed nail heads, rough surfaces, cupping and warpage. These “flaws” will not take-away from purpose and quality, but positively affects the peculiar and conversation-generating look of an old, lovingly-built piece of furniture. Every new acquisition of reclaimed lumber brings different textures, shades and patinas so that no two pieces are ever the same; each project will have unique and distinctive cosmetic qualities not found in new wood furniture.

We began building in The Bay Area of Northern California. A few years later we followed our hearts to the Sierra Nevada mountains of Truckee, California. It was here that we began renting our reclaimed wood furniture to folks for their weddings and events. After a couple years there we have now settled on the Front Range of Colorado. UMC looks forward to building a custom piece for your family soon!

Meet Brenda

Brenda is the first person you meet and the person who helps translate your ideas into an actual product for your home! Bren is a serial-entrepreneur and has spent many years conceptualizing + running successful businesses. She is the Mom and Boss-Lady around here. 


Meet Doug

Doug joined the team as Shop Manager and Woodworker in late 2015. Doug's attention to detail has made him the resident expert on intricate chevron and starburst patterns.  When he isn't in the shop he is snowboarding at Squaw Valley or exploring the backcountry here in Tahoe. 


Meet Ron

Ron began the business by building his first piece, a potting bench.. and was hooked from there! Being a Mechanical Design Engineer, Ron quickly began to apply his design talents to create new pieces and patterns to offer our growing client base. Ron is responsible for designing and drawing your custom pieces.