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What is reclaimed wood?
Reclaimed wood is wood removed from its original use, kept from the landfill and then incorporated into a different useful purpose. Reclaimed wood usually comes from old buildings and homes where they were used for flooring, siding and structural beams.

What kind of wood does Urban Mining use?
Our reclaimed wood comes from old fences torn out by a local fence contractor. The wood is mostly redwood, ¾” thick with widths ranging from 6 to 8 inches. We also acquire barn wood frequently, along with corral boards and more. 

What’s the difference between new wood and reclaimed wood?
Reclaimed wood is full of character and texture that cannot be found in new lumber. The wood is completely dry, free of amber sap and very stable. When the wood comes from an outdoor source, such as fencing, the texture becomes the best feature of the wood. Because the wood remains outdoors for many years exposed to all sorts of weather, the softer surface tissue erodes away leaving deep crevices between the grain lines. Knots dry up and sometimes fall out leaving great knot holes.

What about splinters?
Old fence boards are notorious for splintering. After we fabricate a table or bench, we use a hand plane on all top edges to create a smooth edge, then we use a power sander over all exposed surface to eliminate loose wood that could split into a splinter.

What kind of finish is applied to the wood?
Final finishing is a choice depending on a few factors. The old wood looks great left natural, but a piece such as a dining table should be treated with a polyurethane or poly acrylic to help protect the wood from ordinary spills. A “poly” coat creates a transparent barrier of a plastic like material to help prevent liquid from penetrating the wood fibers, but is not a guarantee to prevent a stain, especially with acidic and red liquids such as wine and tomato sauce.

Staining reclaimed wood is not recommended because it will simply darken the wood. Because a weathered fence board has lost its soft tissue, the wood surface no longer will exhibit the light/dark grain variation after being treated with an application of staining liquid – the wood will simply darken uniformly.

What is your return policy?
If you do not like your project upon completion, I will happily give you a store credit, less delivery fees if the item is delivered to you.  Because each piece is custom, we reserve the right to charge a 15% restocking fee, which will be deducted from your store credit. 

What is your delivery policy?
For SF Bay Area, we outsource all deliveries to various drivers, who are not affiliated with us. All of our drivers do not deliver up the stairs, and only provide curbside delivery. You may also set up your own delivery or pick up.